Vaccine technology

Nobivac® vaccine technology:
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Through science and innovation, we embrace technology to enhance the safety, efficacy and quality of Nobivac products. We provide effective solutions for emerging diseases and improve the overall vaccination experience to help veterinarians protect more pets.

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Vaccine technologies

Developing new vaccines is a complex process. Different vaccines use different technologies to provide the best possible protection.

We are dedicated to using the right vaccine technology for each pathogen, including live attenuated viruses, bacterial subunits, viral vectors, recombinant vaccines and more.

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VacciPure filtration technology

VacciPure™ filtration technology

Removing extraneous proteins in vaccines is one way to improve their overall purity.

With VacciPure Filtration Technology, we have dramatically reduced the protein load in our leptospirosis vaccines. Fewer total proteins means a more purified product, which is great news for dogs and for veterinarians.

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Administration devices

We believe vaccines should fully protect and be easy to administer.

With Nobivac vaccines, unique administration devices like Advanced Delivery Technology and the innovative Immuno-Mist-R™ help make vaccinations convenient and comfortable.


Nobivac vaccine technology is driven by a passion for protection.