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Making a global impact

Leading the way for better pet health

Our mission is to not only deliver trusted vaccines that positively impact individual patients, but also to create a ripple effect of better health throughout the world.

As a global company with a broad presence in dozens of countries worldwide, we work to improve pet health and well-being through education, partnerships and philanthropy.

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Afya program. > 5 million rabies vaccine does donated. > 25 years of commitment to the elimination of rabies

We have been part of the global effort to eliminate canine rabies for more than 25 years.

Through The Afya Program (afya meaning ‘health’ in Swahili), we focus on improving health in underserved communities around the world.

The Afya Program has donated more than 5 million doses of life-saving rabies vaccines. Each year, we provide the full annual rabies vaccine requirements of our program partners, including Rabies Free Africa and Mission Rabies.

We have dedicated our full support to our partners’ humanitarian efforts to eliminate canine-mediated rabies.

We are working to reach the United Against Rabies collaboration’s goal to achieve ‘Zero By 30’, eliminating human deaths from canine rabies by 2030.1

Local initiatives. Global impact.

Nobivac® vaccines are available around the world. We believe in empowering our global community and supporting our colleagues as they contribute to their individual communities in unique and culturally relevant ways.


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In partnership with the China Small Animal Protection Association, we launched the China Rabies Control (CRC) programme in 2016. Through CRC, we donate Nobivac rabies vaccines to shelters and organise veterinarians to administer the vaccines to stray dogs.


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Veterinarian administers a vaccine to dog


We donate Nobivac rabies vaccines to Global Vets Aid, a non-profit veterinary association, to help them vaccinate pets in vulnerable situations in partnership with the Red Cross and Cáritas Spain.


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South Africa

We partner with the South African Guide-Dogs Association by sponsoring the vaccination of approximately 100 guide-dog puppies every year. These dogs enhance the lives of visually and physically impaired adults and children with autism.


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United Arab Emirates (UAE)

We donate Nobivac vaccines to the animals who supply the Small Animal Blood Bank (SaBB) Veterinary Clinic & Laboratory in Dubai. The first small animal blood bank in the Middle East, SaBB provides plasma, platelets and red blood cells to veterinary clinics across the UAE.


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Every year, we partner with Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind by supplying their puppies in training with Nobivac vaccines. This keeps the guide dogs healthy as they enable people who are vision impaired and families of children with autism to achieve improved mobility and independence.


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United Kingdom

We donate Nobivac vaccines to StreetVet, a registered charity that delivers free veterinary care and services to pets of people experiencing homelessness in multiple locations around the UK.


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United States

We contribute Nobivac vaccines and other products to help protect the health and wellness of National Education for Assistance Dog Services (NEADS) animals.

We support the mission of The Street Dog Coalition by providing free medical care and related services to pets of people experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, homelessness.

We have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Morris Animal Foundation, a major contributor to vital research that has led to scientific discoveries including the creation of critical diagnostic tools, vaccines, drugs and surgical techniques.

We make sizable donations to the American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Health Foundation to help find better treatments, more accurate diagnoses, and an improved understanding of the mechanisms that cause disease in dogs.


A proud partner of the WSAVA for more than 15 years

Our support for the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) includes sponsorship of important committees and activities:

  • Development of regionally relevant global guidelines that set best-practice standards for veterinary care
  • Creation of the WSAVA Michael J. Day Scholarship for veterinary students, which provides $15,000 to support student research into clinical vaccinology, immunology or infectious diseases of companion animals2
  • Raising awareness of the importance of companion animals in One Health movements

WSAVA Vaccination Guidelines Group sponsorship

Since 2006, as sponsors of the Vaccination Guidelines Group, we have supported the organization’s work to encourage appropriate vaccination of all pets against dangerous diseases.

MSD Animal Health fully supports WSAVA and its mission

“The WSAVA Vaccination Guidelines Group greatly values the support it receives from its long-term partner MSD Animal Health. Our partnership with MSD enables us to provide regularly updated, evidence-based scientific advice to the global veterinary profession on optimum vaccination practice for dogs and cats.”

—Dr Mary Marcondes, Chair, WSAVA Vaccination Guidelines Group.



Giving back helps us all move forward.

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